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4.8% ABV

Celebrate Liberation Day with a limited edition deep golden ale.


The name 'Vega' was chosen by the public and refers to the Red Cross ship which played a vital role in delivering relief supples to the Channel Islands after the allied landings in Normandy, when supplies imported from the previously German-occupied France were cut off. The Vega visited the islands a total of six times between December 1944 and May 1945, saving the lives of hundreds of people. This ale has a refined yet reasonable rich malt base which incorporates light caramel and wheat malts. The unmissable hop aroma introduced balanced woody and spicy tones on the palate, as one might expect from noble hops, whilst light citrus notes are captured on the nose. In terms of paring, Vega has the guts to stand up well to fatty meats as its dryness and strength cut through to cleanse and refresh the palette. 


Firkin - 9g


Pin - 4.5g


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